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Educational Birds

What is an Educational Bird?

Educational birds are our ambassadors for all wild birds. They are all birds which are unable to be released due to their inability to hunt, their past injuries, or their extreme comfort with humans. They help us to create a personal connection with wildlife during the various events that we attend and host.

How Do I Book a Program?

Please call us and speak to Kathy Rogers to discuss prices and options.

Our Educational Birds

Forrest the Barn OwlForrest

Barn Owl

Forrest was brought to us as a hatching egg that someone found in their hunting blind. When he hatched, he had multiple abnormalities and was deemed unreleasable. He now is a permanent resident and educational bird.

Chitters the Barred OwlMr. Chitters

Barred Owl

Chitters was found starving on an apartment balcony. When he approached the residents, he was brought to us. Chitters was apparently raised by someone in a family setting, which led to him being imprinted on people and unafraid of family pets or humans. We determined he would not be releasable as imprinted owls do not learn to hunt and are too familiar with people. He is one of our oldest Outreach Program members.

Bulbous the Black-Crowned Night HeronBulbous

Black-crowned Night Heron

Bulbasaurous was brought to us as a 2-week-old chick from the UTSW rookery. He had been brutally attacked by his nestmates and had fallen out of his nest. After many intense hours of rehabilitation, we decided it would be best for him to live as an educational bird. He is now a permanent resident at our facility. He is very sweet and loves people.

The Colonel the Crested CaracaraThe Colonel

Crested Carcara

The Colonel was brought to us from Kemp, Texas as an adult bird with a very bad shoulder injury. After months of physical therapy, we determined that he was not releasable because his shoulder had been permanently damaged. He is now an educational bird and permanent resident.


Harris Hawk

Prince was illegally stolen from the nest by someone trying to make him a falconry bird. He was found hanging by his jesses in a tree. He was up there for four days before someone called the fire department to retrieve him. He was brought to us and deemed unable to be released due to his comfort with humans and inability to hunt.


Black Vulture

Kramer was raised by humans from a young age and was released without any survival skills. A family found him when he ran up to them during a barbecue, begging for food. He was brought to us and deemed unreleasable due to his inability to hunt. He is now a permanent resident and educational bird.

Ozzie the Black VultureOzzie

Black Vulture

Ozzie was raised illegally and released as an imprinted adult bird. He was found when he approached a family and started begging them for food. They brought him to us immediately, and we determined that he was unreleasable due to the fact that he was imprinted. He now is a permanent resident and educational bird.


Turkey Vulture

Max was taken from the nest as a fuzzy white baby and was raised by humans who tried to make him a pet. He is now unreleasable due to his comfort with humans and inability to hunt.


Red-tailed Hawk

Pyro was hatched from an egg and illegally raised by someone who brought him to us highly imprinted and completely unable to hunt. He is now a permanent resident and loves his beef heart meals.

Shiloh the Red-tailed HawkShiloh

Red-tailed Hawk

Shiloh was found as a young chick and was illegally raised by humans. He was deemed to be unable to survive on his own due to his comfort with people and inability to hunt. Now, he visits schools and events as an ambassador in our Outreach Program! His favorite foods are beef heart and mice. If they are not to his liking, he is known to complain with nestling squeaks, as is common with human-raised birds.


Blue and Gold Macaw

Rio was found when he landed in someone’s front yard to drink water from the sprinkler. The homeowner was able to coax him into the house and he was brought to us. As a pet parrot, he lives with us at the rehab center. He loves attention and loves to say “hi!”


American Kestrel

Razoo came to us as an imprinted young bird that had been raised illegally. He was brought to us by Dallas Animal Control and was very malnourished. After several months of intense rehabilitation at the Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Facility, we decided it would be best for him to stay with us as an educational bird.


Eastern Screech Owl

Grover was one of 30 screech owl babies raised at the wildlife center. When it came time for release, she decided the wild life wasn’t for her. The rest of the owls were released successfully and Grover stayed with us.

Maggie the American White PelicanMaggie

American White Pelican

Maggie was found tangled in fishing line on Lake Granbury. The line was tangled around her left wing and cut off circulation, resulting in the loss of the last third of her wing. Unable to fly, she is now an onsite educational ambassador and a member of the groundskeeping crew. Her specialty is tool retrieval and clearing clogged drains.